Respect for ourselves guides our morals, respect for others guides our manners.

Laurence Sterne

With the renaissance of traditional values, a renewed expectation of good manners and respectful behavior from today’s youth has unfolded. Young adults with a solid etiquette foundation will feel more confident and self-assured in the classroom, at a school dance, and on the playground. These children of today will be equipped will the life tools to become our leaders of tomorrow.

The Allen Protocol and Leadership Institute has developed several fun and informative programs with today’s youth in mind. Role-playing exercises, along with age-appropriate materials and workbooks, create an invaluable experience for children age eight and older.

Children’s Etiquette for Today (Ages 8-12)

Teen Etiquette for Today (Ages 13-16)

Young Adult Etiquette for Today (Ages 17-21)

Setting the groundwork for social interaction, these programs instill in our students basic behavior and communication skills, as appropriate for the age group.

Dining Skills for Children (Ages 8-12)

Dining Skills for Teens and Young Adults Older (Ages 13-21)

With the evolution of working families, parents and children enjoy many meals in restaurants and other social settings. These programs teach dining basics, as appropriate for the age group. Lunch or dinner will be served.