Good manners are cost effective. They not only increase the quality of life in the workplace, they contribute to employee morale, embellish the company image, and play a major role in generating profit.

Letitia Baldrige

As competition in the business arena grows fiercer in the new millennium, a renewed appreciation for etiquette and protocol has evolved. The leaders of this sophisticated marketplace look for business professionals who stand above the ordinary—polished professionals who walk with confidence and speak with authority.

The Allen Protocol and Leadership Institute has developed several programs with today’s business professional in mind. Presented in seminar, workshop, or tutorial formats, these programs empower business executives with life skills…which are the link to success!

Business Etiquette for Today

Providing the basics for professional interaction, this program emphasizes the essential tools for the successful business professional within the workplace, at the computer, and in the public view.

Dining Skills for Today

Much of today’s business is conducted at parties and dinners—meetings that seem merely social. The program equips students with useful skill sets to be effective in dining settings. Lunch or dinner will be served.

Global Success

As the global economy becomes commonplace, the understanding of cultural differences is critical to successful international relationships. This program focuses on strategies and approaches to compete abroad.

Dine Like A Diplomat

With the global marketplace in mind, the program teaches our students how to dine with an international flair, preparing them for all business and social situations. Lunch or dinner will be served.